You’re in the right place

Zomer Advocaten operates within a multi-disciplinary environment of professional advisors and avails over an extensive international network of solicitors, accountants, notaries, tax-lawyers and consultants. This provides a broad background to be your ‘Expert Trusted Advisor‘.

Dutch advocates are member of the Dutch Bar Association and registered as barrister in court.

Our lawyers are real generalists who have gained their experience in national and international business. Besides this broad civil experience each lawyer has his own specialties aswel, concerning various areas of law.

Per case Zomer Advocaten wil retain the required specialists, whenever it is deemed necessary. It is very important that your legal position is analysed carefully to plan the proper legal strategy going forward. In this respect we operate according tot the so called ‘Hollywood Model‘:

  • a direct contact for the client
  • the right specialists
  • controlled and specific assignments to the specialists

A subscription for fixed fee concerning certain ongoing legal services is possible. Our services are particularly fitted for management of all your legal business, both business wise as private.