Elske Zomer

Advocaat / lawyer


About Elske
Elske studied at the Radboud University at Nijmegen and graduated on the subjects of international copyrights, Dutch economic law and insurance law.

Since 1995 she advises predominantly entrepreneurs and professionals on family law and estate matters. She has specialties in marital law, alimony law, inheritance law and in an early stage she was severe trained as mediator. She is legal and strategic sparring partner in company succession matters and (family) company reorganisations. With a classical education (gymnasium) and a preference for numbers, dealing with financial matters is ‘a piece of cake’ to her.

As a family law attorney, I strongly feel there should be a relationship based on trust between client and me. Therefore they can call me anytime, because I do know they will not misuse this privilege.

Certified moderator intervision
Elske has experience with (informal) intervision since 1995 by participating in and by guiding (intervision) groups. By decision of the general council of the Dutch Bar Association of April 16th, 2020, Elske was registered in the Register for a period of 5 years as moderator for intervision.