Roelof Zomer

Advocaat / lawyer


Fields of law
– corporate law
– contract law
– IP and IT law
– litigation

Additional activities
– various additional activities for associations and in boards of associations.

About Roelof
Roelof Zomer studied at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and graduated on the subjects of company law, intellectual property law and comparative civil laws (international private law). These fields of law have remained the specialties of Roelof during his following legal career. In addition Roelof gained experience in the Anglo-American law system and specialised in information law.

As the head of the legal department of Proav (merged into Delta Milieu) and as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at Truvo (formerly known as ITT- and VNU World Directories Inc.) Roelof has a vast experience in the corporate world. In the aforementioned capacities Roelof was responsible for the corporate files, the legal aspects of M&A (the purchasing and selling of companies) and the overall legal affairs. Roelof is a member of VIRA (association of IT law advocates).

Entrepreneurship involves taking risks. To take care of risks in a responsible way, lawyers are increasingly important. That is the reason why lawyers get involved in an earlier stage of important decision making and contract negotiations. Companies tend to look for pragmatic lawyers, with a view to business interests. Lawyers have become an important business partner. They are more often involved in business negotiations and therefore become dealmakers rather than deal breakers.

Roelof’s practice exists of advising its clients on matters of corporate law, contracts, IP/IT law and litigation. Roelof also advises on other matters relevant to business, such as labor law. Roelof has had a bilingual education (Dutch and English) and is accustomed to working in an international setting.

As an advocate in the corporate world, I understand the needs and wishes of entrepreneurs and company lawyers.

Roelof loves sailing inshore and offshore. Besides that, Roelof enjoys a good game of golf. In the period 2004-2009 Roelof was the chairman of a water sports club, W.S.V. Biesbosch in Drimmelen (the Netherlands).

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